Corona Alarm Level in Baden-Baden November 17, 2021

You are vaccinated or recovered? Then you can enjoy your vacation without any restrictions. You can still use all the offers, as before, in the hotel and in the city. However, please be sure to remember to carry along your vaccination certificate.

The access restrictions listed below affect all persons who are considered “Non-immunized” (Unvaccinated) according to Corona-VO:.
As of today, the 2G rule applies in Baden-Württemberg for restaurants and museums, at exhibitions and at most other public events.

For overnight stays in hotels, unvaccinated persons must present a PCR test at check-in and a new PCR test every three days for longer stays. Please note that access to the hotel breakfast room is only possible for vaccinated or recovered guests.

Exceptions to the 2G rule, exist for public transportation and religious events. Retail stores are also on 3G alert with no PCR test requirement. Further exempted are basic service stores such as supermarkets and outdoor markets and pick-up and delivery services.

Mask requirement, contact tracing, hygiene concept.
It is mandatory to wear a medical oral-nasal protection (surgical mask or FFP-2) in all public areas. The mask can be removed at the table.
Regardless of the three levels, the obligation for data processing (contact tracking) applies to all guests.
Hygiene concept: We ensure compliance with the mask obligation, regular ventilation in all areas, cleaning of contact surfaces, generous spacing and continue to serve your individual breakfast at the table.

Do you have any questions? Call us or write to us.

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