History of the "Rathausglöckel"

(Translated “City Hall’s Bell”)

The restaurant “Rathausglöckel” belongs to one of the last restaurants of the inner city, that keeps the traditions of the Old-Baden-Baden restaurants and whose beginnings reach far back into the past. The buildings in which, the 4-star Hotel “Rathausglöckel” is located are situated on the ground of the oldest settlements in the town of Baden-Baden. The columns in the cellar “Wineglöckle” in the house No. 9 are evidence of the remains of the magnificent Roman baths, given that the house was located within the ancient Roman settlement of “Aquae”. The basement of the restaurant was built in the Middle Ages. A first documented record of the property in Steinstrasse 7 (Stone Road) is of 16 Mai 1674. At this time it was a simple house. House No. 9 belonged to the baker, who had his own bakery in the house.

1828 the property in Steinstrasse 7 was sold to Caroline Falk for 2200 Gulden, who opened a restaurant. Caroline Falk and her husband, Anthon Buhl, had success. After 1840, Anton Buhl had built-on the house and also began offering bed and breakfast – a future 4 star hotel was established. In 1895 the new owner, Kasper Klein, had rebuilt the house Nr. 7 and decorated it with a turret. His tenant named the restaurant “Bratwurstglöckle”. In 1929 the overnight stay in “Bratwurstglöckle” cost two marks and fifty pfennig, for a mark and twenty pfennig you could have breakfast there.

Hotel Rathausglöckel im Jahr 1930
Hotel Rathausglöckel im Jahr 1990

After 1984, Magda Schneider bought the property, renovated the completely outdated house and installed bathrooms. After her death in 1995, Ullrich Greiner and Gerd-Michael Rothe bought the house. They also bought house Nr. 9 and gave the property a new name, namely “Rathausglöckel”.

In February 2009 the gentlemen retired and sold the property to family Asel. In 2009, Family Asel restored the historical Hotel**** and Restaurant to make you feel at home here. Starting May 1, 2023 Mr. Reichel leads the hotel and wine bar. Starting November 2023, the historically rich restaurant Rathausglöckel offers once again a culinary experience centered around quality and indulgence.You can be assured the whole team gives their best and enjoy working for you with a lot of commitment.