Wellness in Baden-Baden

Caracalla Therme Innenbecken Baden-Baden

Caracalla Bath

Be sure to take time to visit the Baden-Baden thermal baths. Whether Caracalla or Friedrichsbad, the thermal water will give you new strength and relaxation. You will need swimwear for the Caracalla Therme. You are welcome to borrow the towels at the hotel. The Caracalla Therme is about 100 meters from the Hotel Rathausglöckel. Please note that children under 7 years old are not allowed to visit the Caracalla Spa.


Friedrichsbad Baden-Baden


The Friedrichsbad is textile-free and therefore a spontaneous visit is possible at any time, because towels and bathing shoes are provided by the Friedrichsbad. It is located 5 houses away from Hotel Rathausglöckel. Children from the age of 14 are allowed to visit the Friedrichsbad when accompanied by an adult. 

Massage Frau

Massages and more

The Caracalla and Friedrichbad offer a wide range of treatments. These should definitely be reserved in advance. The treatments in the Friedrichsbad do not have to be booked with an admission to the spa.