New rules for your stay in Baden-Baden: The „3G rule (short for German “geimpft, getestet, genesen – vaccinated, tested, recovered”)

In Baden-Württemberg, the 3G rule is in effect since Monday, Aug. 16, 2021, regardless of incidence. This means that only those who are vaccinated, recovered or tested can fully participate in social life.

Access to the hotel only allowed after presentation of a negative Corona rapid test or proof of recovery or vaccination (3G). If there is no proof of recovery or vaccination, a Corona rapid test must be submitted again every three days according to the criteria mentioned below. The same applies when visiting restaurants, museums, thermal baths, and other recreational facilities (indoors).

Mask obligation: Even for vaccinated and recovered persons the mask rule (OP masks) remains in effect in Baden-Württemberg. It applies, for example, in local transport, in retail, in hotels and at the vast majority of non-private events, at least in closed rooms.

If a negative corona rapid test is required, this must:
Be conducted on-site under the supervision of the operator (BEFORE CHECKIN).
be performed or supervised by a provider as defined in Section 6(1) of the Coronavirus Testing Ordinance (Corona Testing Station).
The test must not be older than 24 hours.
In the case of a pupil of an elementary school, a special education and counseling center, a school that builds on the elementary school or a vocational school, the presentation of the pupil’s ID card is sufficient. Children up to and including the age of five are exempt from compulsory testing.

Please understand that the operators of the facilities are responsible for compliance with the rules. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Current regulation: