Corona Update #3

Dear guests,

after many long weeks of the #wirbleibenzuhause, finally comes the much longed for time of the THEREAFTER! Many things we have now learned to appreciate even more: our family, our friends, the work, nature and of course the freedom to just spontaneously go away.

In Baden-Baden the situation is already good and , there are almost no more new infections and life goes every day one step further into the longed-for normality.

Therefore, we may look forward to welcoming you back from 29.05.2020! Full of verve and quite a few anti-Covid-19 measures that will protect you and our employees. So that a carefree vacation will also be possible this year!

Some things will not be possible this year – but quite a lot you will be able to enjoy despite Covid-19 and certainly consciously appreciate and love even more.

Your health is always our top priority. Thus, we will not only implement all hygiene guidelines, but also supplement them with additional measures.